ENGAGE OPENLY N2N2 is a new type of social network,
designed to connect communities and empower creators.

N2N2 Is Ethical Social Media

Native Peer-to-Peer payments.

Decentralized peer based governance & censorship resistant.

No algorithmic feed for manipulation. You only see what you subscribe to.

We handle money & content in the same protocol.

It’s programable, borderless and pseudonymous.

How It Works

N2N2 is a content subscription network built on the blockchain. We’re talking about a decentralized network with peer-to-peer payments and no algorithmic feed manipulation. Yep, you read that right.

No ads. No trackers. No, seriously.

Create Your Node

Creators and their audiences register their nodes. These nodes manage your content and funds. You are in full control.

Invite Your Audience

Creators grow their node, promoting and building their audience.


Creators openly echange photos, videos, podcasts, texts, and live chat with their audience and begin to generante revenue.

Create Openly

Creators Come First

Omni-Directional Payments

Free-flowing economy where value is created, recognized, and rewarded by both audience and creator.

Streaming Payments

Stream payments for podcasts and videos allowing to pay per minute of listening and watching.

Chat Feed

Power up engagement with a personalized stream of content tailored to each one of your members.

Subscriptions and Tips

Charge subscriptions to join your community and allow audience members to pay for individual pieces of content.

Content Library

Store all of your content assets (videos, images, PDFs, blogs) in folders and share them with your community.

Mass Payments

With a click of a button, reward your entire community with mass payments.

Podcast Tips

Stored timeline’d payments allow creators to receive tips during specific points of the podcast allowing for insightful analytics.

Pay for MEME’s

Post or re-share anything you like and have the ability to be paid from anyone in the network.

Get paid for posting MEME’s.

Branding & Customization

Fully-branded. Customize your community with your own logo, colors, and assets within your private network.

Easy & Simple

Ready to get started?

Welcome to the future of social

The creator-audience relationship is evolving. We’d hate for you to be late to the game. Drop your email below to be the first to know all things N2N2.